Build your High Conversion Lead Generation pipeline without any leakage with our 5 step process

5 Easy Steps to build your high conversion lead generation pipeline without any leakage

  • I hear lots of business owners complaining about the revenue decline every month, propositionally their cost increases for their operations. This is not only the mourning’s of small business, it’s a global business problem.
  • Each and every business need leads to keep their revenue pipeline filled with potential customers who are all ready to pay. These pipelines are confident pipeline for your business and your team.
  • Whenever this pipeline is dry then your business will struggle to generate revenue. If low or no revenue then your business will go into losses.

In this blog you are going to learn about

  • 4 Stages of lead generation
  • Why your leads are not converting

Every business needs to generate leads, in lead generation there are 4 stages 

4 Stages of an Effective Lead Generation Process

lead generation

Lead Awareness:

This stage is all about how leads become aware of an organization and products or services

Lead Education:

Once lead awareness is created you must build trust for your products by education them what problem you are solving with your services, solutions, and expertise.

Lead Sampling:

Once you given awareness and education about your products then you need to ensure that only the eligible or ideal leads are coming to you by having a conversation with them either virtually or 1on1

Lead Conversion:

Once you got confident about your sample leads and validation of the sample leads then you start converting them by 1on1 calls or giving it to your sales to reach out them for closing the deal.

Above 4 stages are Ideal Lead Generation Process which should be followed by any businesses for their lead generation.

If you implemented above 4 stages of lead generation process, if you face problem in converting them, then the below are the reasons why your struggle to convert them leads into your paying customers.

Assuming all traffics are your customers

Assuming all traffics are your customers

Most the businesses or business owners think that all are their customer’s .So they will start to pitch their products or services to everyone who are available in front of them. This will absolutely waste time, money and energy of your business and team. Same way my also thinks and we pitched our business to everyone since marketing is common to any industries. 

When we are pitching to everyone we got business, not the PROFIT. Because every industry is different and every customer requirements are different. Once we drilled down our lead generation process and fine-tuned with the specific target group of business. We started sensing high conversion and profitability increased 10%.

Never ever have a mind-set of assuming that everyone out there are your customers.

That’s a BAD assumption.

Specific is Terrific

You already understood that everyone in this planet are not your customers.You need find out your buyers persona who is ready to buy your products.

For buying your products then you should send the specific messages to your potential buyers in the across the medium. If you think that your potential buyers are in the social media then spread the specific message to them.


If you are into training or coaching industry  and selling skill development courses to IT professional to up skill their knowledge and skills to grow in their career.

Normal message should be like

We are providing IT professional training to UP SKILL yourself to the IT industry – this is general

We are providing IT professional training to the developers, senior developers who wants to become a project manager to grow in their corporate ladder – this is specific

If you send your message very specific to your target audience then it will be easy for your get quality leads and enquiries.


Neglecting Social Media

Neglecting Social Media will puncture your lead generation process since most of the business and people are generating leads through social media.

If you are missing social media to generate leads then you are missing more money on your table. Social media is the best and cost effective way to generate leads.

You need to understand the platform principles and audience behaviour respective to that platform, so that you can create better contents which is fitting to the platforms   and your target audience.

Facebook platform content will not be suitable for Instagram audience, same for LinkedIn.You need to create content and repurpose based the platform audiences which will give better results.

So let’s be SOCIAL and use it wisely to grow your business.

Do you have a Landing Page?

Landing Page Design

What? I have a beautiful website to show case my works to my prospects, sorry buddy that won’t work.


Website will have general things like Home, about us, Vision and Mission, no one will care about what’s your mission and vision.

Your prospects care what you do for them.

Landing pages do wonders than website, I would recommend you to having convertible landing page.

What is convertible landing page?

Convertible landing page will have specific objective and guide the visitors to take action like giving their information, downloading the video or E-book etc.

With the specific objectives your visitors your potential prospects should be guided properly to take specific actions, so always have a specific CTA.

Here are best examples for convertible landing pages: – This generated more than 50 quality leads and generated INR.200K of revenue. – This one is for great copy with good landing page design. – For a coaching industry.

Missing Piece of Your Sales

If you reading then you are going a golden idea to increase your conversion, want to know how?

Once you start capturing quality leads you will get conversion, Ola! You are getting better conversions with the specific actionable landing page .Is that’s it?

Nope! You are unable to do 100% conversions since the needs and your buyer’s urgency will be different. So once you get 3-4% conversion what would you do with the NON converted leads?

Simple but yet effective way to increase your conversion is start nurturing the leads.

Nurturing one of the best and imperative way to increase your conversion rate. How to do nurturing with technology there are different ways you can use to nurture your leads. Best and cost effective way is E-mail marketing.

Do you want to learn E-mail marketing then the best source to learn who is having more than a decade experience in E-mail marketing and automation

Hoping this will help you to understand about lead generation, Start your lead generation.

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I waiting to hear from you

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