5 Effective ways to use Google Local SEO

  1. Most of our buying decisions starts from searching from the internet, Google is dominating Search Engine technology with 63,000 search queries every second. Searchers do Google search 4 times a day for anything and everything.
  2. This is only the search queries through the google search engine. Google started their company with a motto “organising the data to the world “.
  3. From there they built most valuable company in the world.
  4. Okay this is the story known by everyone in the world who are all using Google products, what’s in it for me?
  5. If you are a business owner then I am covering up something important about your online business profile optimisation points .If you do this you can able to dominate your local search in your local area.You could become King in your area with your products & services.

What is Local SEO?

It’s a google feature which is given to utilise and leverage your local online presence at your area with the limit of around 10Kms. Google is a search engine creates a product to the local stores to drive more foot falls .There are lots of local searches are happening like “good chettinad restaurant near me “or “Best Website Designing Company Near Me “these are keywords which is used to identify nearest businesses of the searchers.

Customers want an interaction with the business executive before taking a buying decisions. If they found the solution near them, then both the customer and business get benefited and will save lots of time.

That’s the reason Google created product called my business profile.

Of course recently Google renamed their Google my business as “My Business Profile”. So do not get confused.

In online marketing term we call as “Best Local SEO “.

How to optimise your business profile?

Before optimising you need to create your business profile, without your business profile it’s not possible for you to optimise your business profile for the local search engine.

How to create google my business profile?

Google products always starts with their g mail id, if you have Gmail id then you login using the below link.


Once you login you need to fill the details what is listed in the online application.

Or if you have g mail account created then you see the dots in the right corner, Just click on the dot

Local SEO

In the drop down menu you find the business profile, click business profile and fill the details to create your business profile and start your Local SEO journey.

Yep! You created your business profile, now there are 5 important options to be filled properly to signal google about your business.

What are they?

Primary business category

In the about section you need to fill your business name, after that you have mention your business category.

In business category there are two options

  1. Primary
  2. Additional

Always mention perfect primary category which will represent your business from the google drop down menus which is prelisted.

You can add many as possible as your additional category, but the top first should be category how you want to represent your business.

Do not hesitate to fill as many as possible.

  • Scrip description about your business
  • Do not left blank of the description option in the local SEO business profile.
  • You can write 750 words of description which will help google bot to read and understand your business.
  • Ensure you add the keywords which is the main element of the any content in Google.

For keyword understanding you see the above description where we used digital marketing solutions as our keyword.

If anyone searches” digital marketing agency near me “, our company DIGITIFYU is showing 2 position organically  …

Wow, what’s organically?

Without paying or putting ads in google ,check out the right side of first 3 company names displayed in the below screen shot .

It represent with the word “ Ad “ means those are companies are paid money to Google to bring their search position to the top of Google  first page .

This can be achieved by Google ads options which is googles money generating machine for their business these many years.

About paid ads or PPC I will share more about these later.

So never miss to use your industry specific search keywords in your description.

Your business contact details

After writing your business description you have option to enter your contact details .Those contact details options will be your

  1. Contact number
  2. Location
  3. Working hours
  4. More

Fill you reachable contact number so that your potential customers will access your contact number to call you.

Then you fill your address in the location option. When you filling the location details ensure you mention landmark near your store or office location so that google will show those details to your potential buyers.

When you are filling your address, you can also create a google maps pin to your location.

Will explain how to create a map pin.

Working hours

Working hours is also one of the most important information about your business operational hours his intimate the working timing of your business where you will interact or do business transactions on those hours.

Mention your working hours for each day precisely. This can be editable at any time.You can also mention your regional public holiday days in these option.

In this option you can mention specific details like whether you need to book an appointment to do a meeting or interactive with you or your team.

These are small details but these are all effective details which needs to be filled in the local seo profile .If you fill and optimise your Local SEO profile then its way easier for your nearest potential prospects to find and reach your business.

This will give you a fair advantage my just creating and filling these details in the Best local SEO.

More options

In more options you can show case what are the facilities your business is having. Whether your customers need to book an online appointment for a face to face meeting .Did your facility is protected with all COVID safety measures so on.

If you have an online appointment booking system you can put the link in the option so that people can book an appointment prior to the physical meeting.

Once you fill all the details in your business profile Google will start collection your local SEO data.

This data will be very useful in optimising your profile and bringing more footfalls or enquiries to your business.

This is very useful information which can reviewed in the option called performance

You always keep track of the performance and improve your business activities based on the data.

We will be discussing about the performance menu in the next blog posts.


Local SEO is a powerful tool for the local business to bring more footfalls by utilising the tool effectively .If you use it wisely then you will get more visibility of your store which brings more footfalls.

If you want to optimise, update and bring more local business then feel free to write to us in digitifyou@gmail.com

Also feel free to write your comments and feedbacks about the blog.

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