7 Best Content marketing trends to accelerate your digital growth in 2021

In this online marketing, one of the buzz words is content marketing. Every business in online marketing is driven by content. If your content is precise and intriguing to consume then the readers will read your entire content without any hesitation.

What is content?

What is content

Content is a piece of useful information or insight that is properly presented in a readable or watchable format to the audience. That piece of information should be useful to the audience who reads it.

What is marketing?


Marketing is one of the main pillars for any business to reach out to their target audience to announce that the organization is capable of delivering the solutions to the customer problem in the specific niche. content Marketing should be always unique to any business or brand to attract its audience’s attention.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing

Doing promotion with the well-researched and structured content about their product which solves a particular problem in the market. Content should be easy to understand and consume so that the audience’s time will not be wasted on consuming the content. Promoting your product by content is called content marketing.

How the content marketing will drive growth to your business?

Content Growth

In the well-connected world, 80% of the consumers are searching and researching online before making any purchase decision. Google is driving most of the searches with their evolving and technically competent search engine which will always present useful and relevant content to the searchers. If the google bots and crawlers understand your content well and think that your content pages are relevant to a particular topic then they will put it in their listing to bring it to the first page of the SERP.

Whenever you create content ensure that it is well researched in a particular and meticulous topic. Always create deeper informative content. After google brings your pages to the SERP first pages then your content will get more click rates by using content marketing. If it really answers the specific questions of the readers then your content stays top and there are high chances of sharing the most. If more and more readers start consuming it then they will visit the business pages of your website or social media pages to check your solution offerings. If your solutions are packed in value they will sell naturally.

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What are different trends in content marketing ?

Different Trends In Content Marketing

Here I have listed 7 Content marketing trends:

  • Blogging.
  • Video.
  • Podcasting.
  • Infographics.
  • Email.
  • E-books.
  • Lead magnets


How to write Blogs

This is one of the oldest ways of doing content marketing. Before the internet era, we use newspapers, journals, articles, bit notice to do content marketing. But that old-age blogging had one big disadvantage that it will not target any specific audience. It is a mass reach out the formula, the possibility of attention and conversion is less.

Conversion cost is high. This will work only for large organizations which are having high capital to spend. They are also unable to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their content marketing spendings. The distribution of content needs high effort to reach their audience within their province. Then you think about reaching across the globe. It’s an impossible or high-cost task for any organization.

In the internet era, we can have well-researched, organized content which can be put in a digital format that will have a longer lifetime value. You can narrow down your target audiences to reach them in a cost-effective way. You can distribute your content to the globe with just a click of a button. Now we also have different  social media which will support us in reaching the maximum of your target audience infraction of the second with their platform structure and algorithm

Your content can be consumed by millions of audiences across the globe. Blogging is one of the modern-day passive income sources to earn extra money. If you know how to research on the internet and with your research if you have the art of structuring the English words in a readable format then blogging will help you in earning extra money. If you have good writing skills then you can make it a full-time job to have pretty decent earnings.

If you want to learn and develop content writing skills then enroll in Content Vidhya. Content Vidhya is one of the best content writing skills training in India.

Nowadays lots of multi-billion dollar companies are focusing on content marketing to accelerate their online business growth.

If you want to build your own blogging site then digital masters are one of the best in building yours.


Video content consumption has increased in the post-pandemic. An average of  60-90 minutes of videos is consumed on daily basis across the globe. Some of the countries’ video consumption time is >4 hours. The most video consumed age groups are from 3-12 years and 12-22 years. In the social media era, marketers should not take lightly VOD content marketing.

In content marketing, strategy video content creation scheduling and planning should be incorporated. Video content should be delivered in a consistent manner then only we can engage with our audience. In content, marketing consistency is the key to success. There are different types/forms of video content that can be created example micro-videos, mini videos, reels on Instagram, product explainers, webinars, FB stories. Lead magnets, Educational or entertaining videos to youtube.

Video content becoming more and more crowded and competitive. Always try to improvise your content to your audience to have value for their time spent.

After creating content video editing is one of the biggest technical concerns for the content creators. Everyone wants a good editing software tool to improve the content presented with the right lighting, color correction, voice-over, effects addition, and unwanted scene removal. Here are some of the best 5 video editing tools to improve your content presentation to your audience example Shopify.

Podcasting :


The podcast is one of the methods but still in the usage of creating and content marketing in the form of audio or video. Before podcasts are done in the audio form which required less bandwidth and cost to telecast or stream.Before podcast in the form of radio. Now the podcasts come into technology platforms. To know podcasting platforms then will be useful.

Nowadays podcasting has become a subscription basis. Podcast in the form of audio you can listen to at any time, anywhere, and anyplace.

Podcast series can be downloaded to any electronic storage device to listen to later. We need to thank our technology builders wherewith the innovative ideas internet bandwidth and speed are increased.

I listened to lots of podcasts with my mobile whenever I travel on the bus in my early career days. That was an exotic experience to listen to good information to enrich your brain with knowledge. Books also came into the podcast format which takes less than 30 minutes to get a reading experience when you listen.

To increase your business by using podcasting content format, you can share your products and services which solves a particular problem, and also you can share success stories interviews with your clients/customers. This is one of the best way and economical ways to market your business.



Infographics mean information presentation in the form of graphical representation. This is one of the best ways in the corporate world to sell their ideas. This type of content is useful in delivering our ideas to the management level people or investors when we have an idea before the execution. After execution also this representation will help in seeing the tangible and intangible benefits of the idea.

In recent years social media is flooding with graphical representation content in LinkedIn to attract more job offers within the professional network. In this form, it’s easy to do content marketing on any platform. You can create the best infographics designs in Canva. This is a useful resource in making social media posters faster way for your clients.


E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is the one underrated technics in digital marketing, that’s what all business owners and business development managers thinking. Hats a wrong perception. But as per the research experts’ e-mail, open rates are clocking between 15% to 20% for both the B2B and B2C segments. This e-mail marketing will yield good results when you have a high volume of the verified mailing lists.

This is one of the low-cost content marketing strategies with the highest ROI.

Your open rates will get an increase if you deliver useful or valued content to your mailers. Always have good content with clickable CTA for best results. Lots of e-commerce companies are flooding with more e-mails with the offerings which is no usefulness in the content. It’s always with the point of selling the products to the mailers. That will not have good open rates and the CTR will be very less.

Try to give useful content in regular intervals so that your readers should feel “TIME SPENT WELL” when they read your content.

When I talk about e-mail marketing you may think that you need to spend lots of time composing emails for each mailing address.

Automation has a solution for that. In this digital era, there are lots of automation tools that automate your mailing sequence in regular intervals. You don’t need to worry about spending more time composing. You can also write a personal email for each reader by using a piece of software code with the ‘ if-else logic’

The open rate can be increased by more than 20% by using personalized content-making technic. In this way, you can reach thousands of potential prospects every day. You can measure your e-mail marketing metrics using the tools like Mailchimp, convert kit, get prospects.


If you have a reading habit then your thought process will shape in a better way. My life learnings happened once I started reading books. Every year I always have a target of reading 10 books. I’m trying to accomplish the target every year. Maximum times I did.

Two decades back we need to find a good library to read books. We should travel to the library if we are in a remote location. Sometimes a required book will not be available for your reading since it was loaning type. Libraries will have limited copies of that subject when it demands more.

Now reading becomes easy with digital forms. Thanks to Steve jobs who pushed the smartphone devices in the market with supreme design and better usability. I always have my kindle on my smartphone with a better book collection to have reading experiences at any time.

Creating free e-Books is becoming one of the triggering technics for prospects to download and read. For the exchange of free e-book, we can get their contact details with their name and e-mail id. Once they exchanged their contact details with us then they become a lead to our business.

After a week or two, we can use e-mail marketing tehnics to reach our leads and place our products and service offerings in front of them with value. If they feel the value then the sales will happen. This is how e-book content will help in selling. E-books you can also share in public domains like Quora, Amazon kindle, in the downloadable format. This helps in reaching maximum people to read it.

Lead Magnets:

Lead magnets format should be one of the content marketing strategies. A lead magnet can be in any form like trial subscription, sample video, white papers, e-newsletters, or 15-30 mins. consulation which should be given FREE to the visitors of our websites. This will get organic leads of your prospects as a token of exchange. This should not be high-quality content but useful to our website visitors. Always have a long tail content so that contact exchange should happen naturally.


The content marketing strategy should be incorporated with the content marketing strategy which yields higher and long-term results to your business. Keep giving a piece of content every week to your prospects, fans, and followers to keep engaging and connected towards their relationship for long-term benefits.

To create well-researched content for your content marketing strategy you can reach us at digitifyou@gmail.com

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