12 Effective Ways of Social Media Marketing That No One Reveals

Social Media Marketing | 12 Effective Elements To Be Followed For Better Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to connect, publish and engage with your audience. In our daily life each and every one who ever holding touch screen phones with decent internet speed all are using social media for entertainment ,educational or inspirational purposes.

Most of our buyer’s journey starts by searching something through their mobile devices. There’s the magic happens that the device and internet take them to different world with “n” numbers of options to choose from.

Over 3.6 billion people across the world connected to social media, this number projected to increase to almost 4.5billion in 2025.

More than 50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with customers. According to 90% of marketers, their social media marketing efforts have increased the exposure of their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic.

Now you tell me whether your business want to be in social media marketing or NOT?

If your answer is YES ,then continue reading am going to explain what’s are the  12 elements you need to follow to have effective  social media marketing which brings leads to your business.

12 Effective Ways of Social Media Marketing That No One Reviews

Creating Your Social Media Account

Social Media Marketing

Creating social media accounts is no hassle, if you have mobile number or an email id with an internet subscription you can open account in a few minutes.

But you need to keep your information updated to signal Facebook that your social media profile and pages are legitimate.

Here comes the next doubts, what is a profile and a page?

For better understanding click here

Optimizing Social Media Accounts

Creating your social media accounts is the first step in bringing your social media presence .Once you created your account, then the next step is optimising your page.

Optimising any social media profile is very important so that the platform algorithms will understand you or your business in a better way and it will suggest and bring right connections to you.

Fill all the requested details which is given in the Facebook page, try to write maximum words as suggested by the platforms. Ensure right keywords are used in which represents your business.

How To Know Your Target Audience

Once you optimised your Facebook page then you need to find out your audience to be connected. For finding your right audience you need to do audience research. How you can do your audience research? By analysing your competitor’s pages and their followers.

Then you need to create your own buyer persona with details like age, interests, demographics, behaviour etc. This will help you to keep right audience connected with you in your network. This is one of the major activity which will be missed by most of the small businesses in social media marketing. What’s NEXT?

Un-Realistic Goals

Most of the business owners, solopreneurs and online marketers are thinking that right after creating the Facebook accounts you can get traction and followers with paid ads LOL.

That’s impossible to build a bigger community immediately after your account setup. It will take time and efforts to build great community with good followers. Do not set UN realistic goals, like build network with 10K followers in 10 days or 1 month ,I won’t tell its impossible it needs right content strategy ,focus, time and efforts.

Do not be greedy that try to monetise or sales something immediately after your build a community. First give useful content to your community with high value of their time. Try to engage with them by using your content. Slowly nurture and sow trust in them. Once trust built then it’s easy for you to sell products. Do not try to sell UN necessary products .Try to sell useful products to your community.

Success Metrics

After building community with your content strategy do not fail to track the performance metrics.

Always set right performance metrics based on your strategy ex – if you are releasing a content check how many people it reached, how many interacted or engaged with your content. If you are offering a product check how many are interested in your product ,those metrics will help you to plan your product costing to bring better ROI.Those metrics  should  help you to fine tune right social media marketing strategy to your objectives.

Have a SMART metrics which will give you a holistic view of your business. Have a plan to achieve your metrics slowly but consistently.

“Consistency is your SUCCESS formula “Do apply in your strategy.

Evaluate your social media presence:

Quarterly once have an audit and evaluate your social media presence .Your social media marketing should be aligned to your audience immediate needs.

Why social media management tool?

Lack in Creativity??

Social Media Marketing

I saw lots of business owners worried about producing creative content and wasting time for finding the creatively perfect content to be published in their social media pages .I will tell you that perfect will not come, to increase your visibility and credibility you only need to post consistently with better creativity, not the best one. Once you start publishing your content then your audience will notice

you first and your name will registered in their mind .Global brands are doing the same to increase the brand recall value.

If your brand recall value in consumer mind is high then your products will get sold. So do not worry about creative content, instead create useful content to your audience to consume.

Before creating content you consume lot of trending and research content so that you will get lots of perspectives to understand and then you curate your content. Do not consume content which is not useful to your business or niche.

Try to consume more text content like blogs, research paper, case study, journals etc. That will trigger you thoughts and words will flow when you create content.

Assess and Optimize

Once you start creating your content for social media marketing, ensure regular interval of assessment about your content what you create. If you give it to some of friends ,family member or your employees to read and ensure that they understood the intent of the content ,get feedback about the content piece and optimise it for your audience.

If you optimize then you audience will consume your content. Your content piece should be in immersive form so that your audience should feel like it’s a piece of cake which is going into their mouth at ease.

Legitimate Groups

Social media groups are one of the best to get knowledge support. Once you raise a doubt, question or help flag all the group people will share their knowledge to solve your problem.You will get different experience perspectives which is a gold mine for your to pick the suitable ones for your problem and implement it to get rid of your problems.

Always follow the group community guidelines and use the community wisely without any spam content.

Can Any Business Generate Leads Through Social Media?

Yes absolutely any business can generate leads, in April we generated more than 12 leads for one of our fashion boutique client which generates greater than 10X revenue in just one month.

How we did that? CLICK here for the case study.

As same any business can generate leads to your business with the right strategy and content creation.

Do you want to have social media marketing strategy session for your business?

Unlimited Leads By Paid Ads

Social Media Marketing

You can start your paid ads journey as low as $10 per day based on your product or service offer.  But running a winning social media marketing ads need some basic understanding of

  • Your Target Market
  • Audience research
  • Your Competitors
  • Psychology of your audience

Your target market

Without understanding your target market you cannot get your ROAS.Before planning to run an ad you need to do market research which is important for any business owners and marketers.You should be very clear about who and where is your target market.

Audience research

In Social media marketing different platforms will hold different audiences which brings audience research is one of the imperative part needs to be done. Audience research is nothing but your audiences Hopes, Fears, Desires, Dreams, Barriers and where they hangout more to get information either in online or offline.

This gives you a clear understanding in creating content and running right set ads of with right offerings at the right time.

Competitor research

Your competitors are the one who gives which doesn’t work when they started and what’s working now for them. So always do competitors research and learn from them to implement the best practices what they do in their social media marketing strategies to get their audiences attention. Then you create your own way of attention grabbing content or ads which differentiate you from them.

Psychology of your audience

You need to understand your audience psychology which will support in running successful ad campaigns which gives better ROAS.

So always watch out and study about your audience psychology.

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