5 Best digital skills that can change your lifestyle

What you do once you have a need in your mind, whatsoever it is. Just search in google or any other search engine. If you have good knowledge about your product and the brand then you will go to Amazon or Flipkart. If your product or solutions are unknown then you will go to google or any other search engines with your digital skills and knowledge.

Once you type your question or phrase in the search bar you will get millions of pages of suggestions. You will click the TOP 5-10 links and look for your answer. Did you know how those TOP searches of the website or blog are shown in your device displays?

HOW? If you sit and find the answer to how they are doing it, then that digital skills will make you rich. You can earn a lot by helping businesses to reach their right audience at right time through online mediums to sell their product or services.

There are certain steps to be followed to bring the web pages to the search engine top pages that are called search engine optimization. This is a demanding skill in the online market, but this needs lots of effort to learn and implement.

Whoever is learning SEO needs to run as fast as Google since Google updates its algorithms regularly to bring the search results to the queries.

Within a day you cannot become an expert in SEO, time and effort to become an expert in SEO. 

That’s okay how I learn this digital skill to become an expert??

There are millions of resources available on the internet in the form of blogs, videos, and podcasts. Finding the right one is a difficult task in the information era. You can learn the basics of SEO-Digital skills.

7 Steps to Create a Perfect SEO Optimized Blog Post

Once you learn the basics then you can go deeper into SEO to learn more to become a master. If you want to master the skill do not STOP after learning, implement it for yourself then you start monetizing the skills by giving SEO services to your prospects who are looking for it.

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We will help you earn good enough money in your freelancing career.

Digital Ads Management

How much time do you spent in social media daily? An hour, two, may be three!

As per statista.com survey, people are spending an average of 2.5 hours per day, this will increase in the future for sure. Where ever people are hanging out the most, which is the right place to market your products. Now crowds are spending more time on digital platforms.

In digital platforms, Facebook is now rebranded as META is dominating with their products like FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Oculus.

After Facebook the second dominating digital platform with its strong search engine algorithm is Google.

 In our daily life, we are using any one of these products to get connected with our friends and family to share the moments that we come through in life. We also looking for the right information by searching on the internet to improve our knowledge.

So no way to get rid of these products in the future. Whoever adapts to the change and co-exist with technology will survive. You might be interrupted with ad commercials in between when you scroll in your Facebook feeds. Have you ever thought about it how these ads are coming to you in different timelines with different products?

 If NOT then this is the right time to research and learn about it which will give you more digital skills to keep in your profile. It’s required minimum knowledge to teach this Facebook ad management to run ads.

If you know Facebook ad management then you can horn your digital skills to an expert level to upsell your services to businesses or individuals who are looking for management of Facebook ads management for their business.

Learning Facebook ads management will fetch you $100 per month for one client. You think about it if you manage 3-4 clients, easily you can earn $400-$500 monthly by spending just 5-6 hours per week. If you enhance your digital skills to become experts in Facebook ads management then you can go and pitch for premium clients with $200-$250 per client. You can earn thousands of dollars just by spending 30-40 hours per month.

 Facebook is one digital platform, you think about other platforms like Google, Instagram, Pinterest, GMB, and Snapchat. If you are very good at all the platforms then you can earn handsome money with your digital skills to lead your life without a day job. You can work from anywhere in the world. You can achieve your dream life with your digital skills

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Lead Generation

Leads are the bloodline of any business to generate money. If businesses do not have leads in their pipeline then their business will get stuck in the sales cycle. Here is the GOLD if you get skilled yourself with lead generation technics then you are stuck a gold.

But lead generation is not an easy task. Before starting your lead generation you need to understand what is a lead?

Lead is nothing but the details of the people like name, contact number, or email who are interested in your products or services. People will not give their details just like that, they should have a need or desire of using a product or service.

How can you generate leads?

There are two ways

  1. Organic
  2. Paid advertising

What you meant by organic?

Organic is nothing but the leads you are getting to you without spending money to know about your product or service. They might engage with your content somewhere on the web and reach out to know about your products or services. In this kind of lead, not much cost is involved and the conversion rate also will be good if you have the right value proposition.

Why paid advertising?

Paid advertising will help you in getting leads from all over the world, where you can serve your products or services to anyone on the globe with the technology and digital skills. That’s the beauty of paid advertising on digital media platforms. The only thing you need is to have knowledge and skills to leverage with it.

Now, most businesses are trying to leverage social media paid advertising to get quick ROI.

In paid advertising account management services you can get easily and it won’t take much of your time to manage, this is will give you a handful of money if you manage your client’s digital accounts ethically and result-oriented.

Is Video editing is a good career?

 The average time spent by an individual on YouTube is around 17 mints daily global as per Invideo stats in 2021. Video content is becoming more and more popular which gives more info in less time. It’s also better to understand and get the points registered in our brains.

All social media platforms algorithms also encourage the creators to create more video content to get more reach, views, and impressions.

This video trend will grow in the future, to keep up the creator’s competitive edge everyone needs to push quality content with good editing techniques. Creating quality content is one part, but editing with the right frames info to make it interesting and crisp to have quality time spent on consuming the video content.

Professional video editing is an in-demand digital skill in the current economy. If you learn the skill then can easily you can earn $100-$200 per month for a client. If you increase your client base then you scale up further. If you want to take up this full time then you need to learn tools and technics about video editing.

To start with you FREE video editing tools like invideo.io, shots, Canvas, AI Online Video Editor FlexClip , iMovie there are lots of free software available with limited access. If you want to become a professional then you need to get a paid version and practice it to become a master. As a beginner, you start with an open short which is having easy tools and technics to edit a video.

There are different types of video editing.

  1. Linear video editing
  2. Non LIVE
  3. Offline editing
  4. Online editing
  5. Vision mixing
  6. Template creating

I’ll write a separate blog to understand and learn the basics of video editing.

Go and try some free software’s to learn more and earn more

Video creation

How do you feel if you watch your favourite hero movie which is interesting and so entertaining.You will enjoy watching right?

If your hero does not create a video or movie which is not interesting you will get bored, your mind and body will not align in watching the video.

So, creating a video should have the essence of entertaining, educational and it should be interesting, then only fans and followers will stick to the watch time of your whole video. As more video content is consumed video creation skills is one of the finest digital skill required in this gig economy. There is a handful of courses and coaches are in the market to learn and implement the learnings to assist your clients in creating videos for social media or you can create for your own content to generate revenue from YouTube.

YouTubers are earning a lot more than other professionals. Creating engaging content will also fetch a handful of money to lead your life. This you can start with part-time and convert into a full-time career.

Free online courses are available on YouTube and other platforms.

Creator in progress, what to learn more?

Learn through this and start your freelance journey.

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