5 Best branding strategies

Businesses need recurring revenue which is imperative to run any business. If revenue increases then profitability can be increased. With the increased profit you can do innovations and investments to deliver better products to the consumers. Your consumers always need something new or value-added to your products or services. So your businesses are in a position to innovate and add value in every product/service to increase customer satisfaction. Here you will find the 5 best branding strategies.

Branding Strategies

If customer satisfaction increases then you will get repeated customers towards your products and services. If you want to implement a successful process to get repeated customers for your business, branding is the main element in helping your business acquire new customers with minimal cost. Branding will create trust and attention towards your business in the market to attract new customers. If you have good branding that will outperform your competitor’s revenue in any situation of the economy.

Lots of local businesses having good products, distribution, and retail networks but that may fail miserably once branded companies entered that market space, why ?? because they have already created humungous brand value in the market with their branding strategy. So easily they outperform and crush any small local business without any mercy. Brands have no boundaries, brands create a better business.

To do branding strategies you need to understand and define below

1. What problem your business will solve?
2. What’s your market niche?
3. Who is your target audience or buyer persona?
4. How are your company values to be perceived or identified?
5. What emotion you need to create or connects with your target audience?

What problem your business will solve?

How to solve the branding strategies problem

You started a business branding strategies by looking for opportunities in the market. You need research, understanding of the pain and problems to create solutions for your market. Well defined problem and understanding the problem will create better solutions. Sometimes you create multiple solutions to the problem if you understood it very well. When you create a branding strategy then the problem-solving skills of your company or team should reflect. So always be clear and concise about what problem your business will solve.

What’s your market niche?

Niche is nothing but a specific market segment of the business that you want to tap into. So always you need to be clear in focusing on the niche at the start of your business journey. Once you become an expert in providing solutions in your niche, then you can expand your niches and your business footprints by deploying the right team to solve the customer’s problem. Once you are exploring new niches and micro-niches you need to be branded for the highest trust and valuation in your market segments. Always enter into the new niches with the best branding strategies to beat the heat.

Who is your target audience or buyer persona?

Another crucial point in your business is defining the target audience of your product. It will be easy for you to develop branding Strategies and the brand builds a community that will be eager to purchase your products and services. In this case, you should have a crystal clear understanding of your buyer persona like age group, location, earning capacity, and buying patterns of your targeted segments. Better create an imaginary customer avatar and describe it.

How are your company values to be perceived?

Every organization should define their own values in the way how they do their business and treat their employees in the workplace. With those values, you need to build your branding strategies and convince your customers to perceive them. Employees and brand ambassadors help them better understand your product users and their values, which is also one of the branding strategies to incorporate.

What emotion you need to create or connects with your target audience?

Good branding strategies always touch the emotions of their consumers to buy their products and relate with them. Build your branding strategies that will be relatable to your consumers in some part of their life.

Good branding technics

Visuals are what you see through your eyes and perceive in your brain. So your brain yes is the camera of your body system. Visuals are pictorial or moving image representations of any object or subject. When you see an image or picture for the first time how and what your mind register is what it will retrieve later in your life when you see it again.

Here we are going to learn important elements of the visuals representation of your brand in the market. That will give you a fair idea to create your branding strategies with visuals.

Visuals are nothing but the brand logo or color representation of their product and packaging for any brand. Company branding strategies start from the logo shape, color, and what it tells to the consumers when they see in the TV ads, print ads, posters, social media pages, and finally as the product in the market.

So choosing the right color combination and shapes will give you better branding results for your company. Consumer behavior changes over time in the long term, but as a brand, you can sustain yourself in your market.

There are lots of branding strategies in different industries that lost their market in the innovation fight. But their brand name never. One good example is Nokia, one of the market leaders in the mobile industry in the late ’90s and early 21st century. When their rivals launched a touch(keyless) phone overtook their market share in a short period.

But still in your mind if you see a Nokia billboard or name anywhere on the road or in commercials the first thing that comes to your mind is the keypad with a robust body and long battery life mobile phones which was useful to communicate. But a brand Nokia is having business in different industries.

Framing best branding strategies will help your business in the long run in the industry.

Tips to have a better logo design

Rough Sketching

Sketching is nothing but a handwritten drawing that gives an idea of starting with, handwritten sketch always gives leverage to draw and redraw many times to have satisfied the first level of shape. Share what you can create with your company’s first letter or the concept service that your company is delivering to the market. Always keep in mind to create a unique design to differentiate from your competitors. Over time your brand can evolve and changes can be done in the logo also.

Color selection

Colors are carefully selected by many brands to impact psychologically to the consumers when they see them. Color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Colour influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food. Colors can also impact the visual appeal of the product. Most of the 90’s brands use sky blue color, reflecting trustworthiness, calm, and tranquility. Purple reflects wealth, wisdom, and respect. Choose colors wisely and diligently.


Shape in branding Strategies

Now –a day’s shapes are used to have better representation than alphabetic representation. This is creating good branding strategies results and easy to do marketing. Apple logo is just a bitten apple is used to represent the brand name of the product. This also helps in designing your packing designs. We should not be overthinking shapes and making a unique shape and ending up in shabby shapes. Always keep it simple to understand to the viewers.


Brands use effects to have a better view ability from any angle. If you have a 3D effect logo then it will be easy to use in the videos ads

Font design

Fonts are always should be clean, clear, and sharp. We have lots of free fonts to select from the design tools. Most billion-dollar brands create their own font designs and integrate them into their logo to have unique experiences.

Tag line

The tag line is one word or one-liner to express the business objectives. You can use the one-liner to deliver the right and powerful message to your target segment to get their attention. When you get their attention then you can deliver your message to your audience.

Some examples of the tagline 

 Nokia –“Connecting people”

 Nike – “Just Do it

Apple – “Think Different

L’Oreal – “Because you’re worth it”

KFC – “It’s finger-licking good”

Coca-Cola – “Open Happiness”

Dunkin’ Donuts – “America runs on Dunkin’”

McDonald’s – “I’m loving it”


Better visual designs always have a great impact on the market how your targeted segment perceives your brand. So always have a better design for your company and create a better brand to get a greater valuation in the long term. If you create a brand that creates the highest valuation in the, you create related to trust in the market. If you created trust for your brand then you can sell any products with your marketing strategy. So always spend more time and little money to create your branding strategies in a better way.

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