12 Simple freelance skills do not miss out on the opportunity to earn extra in your part-time

2021 is barely a month to exhaust from our life. 2021 brought more fear, pain, sorrows, death, and financial crisis to most of the world’s population. Last 24 months most of the world’s population are locked down inside their home. Some with enough money but limited food in stock, others limited money with very limited food. The one who survives is adapting to change, freelance career is adapted and bloomed in this pandemic.

Corona created lots of layoffs in different industries across the globe. Some industries got boomed due to the corona effect. Always there will be two sides to a coin, the same scenario when the corona pandemic was at its peak, Most of the companies went to work from home mode. One sector was started booming i.e freelance work from home.

Technology, social media platforms, and buying trends are pushing this economy faster than ever before in 2021. Working professionals, Millennials’ attitude towards their life approach is rapidly changing. Internet, Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Quora many more helping to pursue one’s passion and earn enough money to lead their life with the option of freelance.

If you still struggling with your unpurposeful, frustrated, and boring job cycle? continue reading you will get a good insight to pause and think about your time utilized and time left in your life to decide to have a side hustle or freelance to increase your earning potential.

Oops!!How to increase my earning potential by freelance ??


There is a saying  “If there is a WILL, there is a WAY” most of you knew this. Everyone has a WILL, but finding the WAY to attain their will is difficult. If you have the WILL to earn more, then I will show some WAYS to attain it.

It required your determination, time, and effort to attain it. I can only show the way, but the journey is yours.

Lets Hustle!

Freelance hustle is difficult to start, once you start and explore things then you will enjoy it. Do not look quick rich secret. Everything takes time same for a freelance career also, Career? how one can make a career out of freelance screaming in your mind.

From our ancestors to our father everybody trying hustled to get extra money to have better purchasing power, keep their family happy and safe, to build financial stability. Always there were options and the way. They found in their early days they become rich and wealthy.

But this internet and information technology made it easy to find and learn side hustle for your extra income by freelance. This will perfectly work for the person who is curious and looking for a purpose in their life.

Think about it, Do You Have PURPOSE in your life. Do you want to become wealthy?

There are different skill set you can learn and practice to have freelance work in your free time and earn extra bucks on your weekends to save for your long-time desires. Digital Marketing is the one that gives more leverage to get that extra income in the form of freelance.

But you need to understand the different services in digital marketing, then you learn and apply them to earn extra income part-time by freelance.

What freelance skills can be learned quickly to earn money?

Earn Quick Money In Freelance

Listed are the services which you can learn quickly to earn money online by simply freelance.

  1. Social media management

2. Social media marketing

3. Graphic designing

4. Content writing

5. Search engine optimization

6. Google ads management

7. Lead generation

8. Video editing

9. Branding and YouTube video making

10. Digital course creation

11. Website designing

12. Affiliate marketing

What are the freelance jobs you need with less or no skills?

Social media management is one of the fewer skills required to do freelance and earn that extra.

SMM (social media management) is one of the easiest, but more time-consuming services than any other service, and do those who have a laptop and internet can earn through freelance. In SMM find the business which needed online attention and convince them to maintain their social media pages to engage with their fans and followers.

How to engage

Create purposeful engagement posters to get the attention of their followers, since businesses are busy achieving their business objectives of increasing their sales and revenue. For this, they need to spend more time but less prioritized. But this can be outsourced with digital marketing agencies or by freelance at an economical cost.

To do SMM you need to learn  CANVA which is online software that is used for posters designs. This is not required much cost and time to learn and design. You can learn the designing skills from the CANVA free tutorials or you can learn it from Youtube.

If you have 5 businesses which are required your SMM services then you can charge them a minimum of $35 per month per client. If you have 5 clients then you can easily earn $175 per month. Quiet easy right. Only need your time and effort.

This is one of the easiest online services you can offer and earn part-time from home. If you improve your skills and build good trust with your clients you can get testimonials and post on your social media pages to get big-ticket clients to increase your earning potential.

Always have a uniqueness in your way of working. Search and take special effort on creating posters. There are also lots of online platforms which connects with lots of business that need SMM services simply freelance.If you want more freelance work pls look into HustleToday, Fiverr, Upwork,

Social media marketing

Freelancer For Social Media Marketing

I am an electronics engineering guy who toiled myself for 18 years in the manufacturing industry after a certain period I felt the money I earn is not good enough for my long-term goals. So I was searched for purpose and meaning in my life.2 years back I found and was attracted to digital marketing where it had the potential of leveraging your earning potential if you learn and improve your skills in digital marketing. You can build a career out of your freelance job.

As simple as managing the social media platforms of your clients in your part-time will elevate you to the next stage with social media marketing. Social media management is a repetitive and boring job sometimes, this can be automated to publish on Facebook. You need a day or two to complete managing your client’s accounts by creating value posters and automating in no time so that they will publish in the specified time and date in their timeline. Publer gives you more options where you can manage all your social media accounts in one app with automation. If you have enough budget or need to learn more about automating your repetitive works, this will help you to save more time.

After you automate your social media management services then you have a question about what to do next to earn more money, this should be your next step in social media marketing where you create, run and optimize your client’s ads account from Facebook, Instagram, Google, and many more.

Before starting this you need to learn the basics of Facebook ads on youtube to get some theoretical knowledge, then you can start using with your account and get hands-on experience. Once you know the basics then niche down one industry and target to pitch your clients for this SM marketing services.

Facebook ads setup is easy but it’s not easy to get conversions. So when you start with it do not pitch with conversion ads. You can also learn the Facebook mastery course for FREE.

You can get a better cost if you optimize ads and bring good ROI to your clients. This way you can increase freelance earning capacity in your part-time, this will help you build a new skill which will give you more options to choose in your career.

Learn and improve new freelance skills then live your life without recession WORRY.

Graphic designing needs more creativity

If you want to excel in social media management and social media marketing if you have good knowledge and good hands-on experience then you can execute and astonish your clients with your services.

Graphic designing is one of the lucrative freelance jobs which required more effort to create social media posters and banner designs. But it needs a basic understanding of color themes, layers to have better designs. Nowadays there are lots of designing software made designing as simple as possible. The best example is CANVA.In Canva you can design a poster in just 15 mins with their templates.

Think to keep in mind  to bring better and unique designs

Listen to the customer’s voice and bug his mind with the right questions.

Do not use too many fonts

Try to design your own with simple changes in image

Use the right color theme for better branding

Deliver what you commit

Keep it simple

Create or curate

Always try for better not the best

With the latest tools and technology, you can design social media posters quickly. The demand for designers is in an increasing trend. The visual content market is projected to grow by $1.28B in 2024. If you start now, soon you will become an expert with the demand in the market.

How to find part-time freelance jobs? you create a profile with your skills in freelance platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, etc.

What are the highest-paying freelance jobs?

Content Writing is not a skill it’s a Way of living

Content writing is one of the most demanding jobs in digital marketing services. If you are a good content writer then you can earn Millions per year.

How to become a content writer?

If you have a passion to write in your free timings, then you can become a content writer. You need to learn the process of content writing and you should niche down highly demanding content businesses.

For example, if you are good at software knowledge then you can find out a company that is selling software products or SaaS products. But you should ensure that you should understand it basics of software functionality. If you understood the basics then you explain and attract your audience with your content.

You can sell anything with your writing if you master the writing skills. Before writing to the audience ensure proper research has been done to understand the audience’s hopes, desires, fears, pains, behavior, and lifestyle. Then only you can able to create coherent content with their thinking.

If you MASTER this one skill you can charge $50 for  1000 words. If you write per week 2000 words to the client then you can earn $100 per week. Once you get more clients there is an opportunity to earn $4000-$5000 per month. This may lead you to take your part-time job full-time to focus more on honing your content writing skills to write the best copy for your audience.

There are a lot more digital services you can take up as a freelance job, this one post will not be enough to explain so am writing this as 2 parts. Here is the part one ends.

Will see you in the next part later in this month.

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