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Daily more than 547K website Design are created across the globe. There are 1.7B websites are there on the World Wide Web but only 220M are active. Approximately 12% of the websites are active.

Why 80% of the website Design are not active?

In this interconnected internet, world websites are the assets for any business. If you are not having a website then your customer may feel you are dead. If you (business) want to believe you need to be on the World Wide Web.

It’s not for the sake of being on the World Wide Web. Well-designed websites will reflect your products and brand appeal to the prospects of your business and personal brand.

If your business presence on the web then there are lots of opportunities available across the globe. You can scale up your business globally with your products by selling to international client if you have good products.

There are chances to increase your revenues to millions if you hit the right customers. If you have a website then you can be everywhere with digital marketing.

So that you can get noticed in any geographic locations to the world where the internet is available.

For that, you need to build an appealing website with user-friendly experiences while navigating.

5 Elements to be considered for building a good website

Content is supreme

Website Design

Content is nothing but the words, images, videos that carrying a piece of information to the readers. The information that we are giving on our web pages should be concise and clear. That words should effectively communicate to our webpage visitors clearly about what our business is, if not then the content needs to be improved. So choose your content meticulously with good content writers.

Your content writer should be well researched about the niche of your business.

Don’t keep your content crowded.

Navigation friendly

Website layout and structure should be easy to navigate in your pages so that user will enjoy viewing your piece of information on your pages. These layouts should be compatible because electronics devices are coming with different screen sizes which also has the capability of connecting with the internet. So your web pages will be viewed on different electronic devices like desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet and LFD’s. Whenever doing a web page layout design ensure to test in all format displays.

Life is full of colors

Color selection is one of the most undervalued elements while designing a website Use rich colors which will define your brand feelings or values. Use the color when and where it needed, do not overdo it.

Gone in 3 seconds

Ensure that optimized images are uploaded for your image representation. Optimized with good viewing quality. This will helps in loading your webpage content to shown fast to the visitors. Google search also will take this as a parameter in the SEO ranking. Make your page loading speed as fast as Usain Bolt.

As per the study webpage, visitors are losing their temper if the page loading takes more than 3 seconds.

Place a lead magnet

Like a magnet, you need to attract all your visitors to opt-in with their details like just an e-mail id is well enough to do e-mail marketing for your products. No one will give their details just to float mails to their inbox which is irrelevant and irritating.

So always give something first to take something which will be valued by the visitors of your webpages.

Value able information in any form like tips, e-book, templates, videos, Audiobooks etc, So that they think their info is valued by you.


Any website should be developed on these 5 important elements which will give your business or personal branding impactful visibility on the world wide web.

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