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8 Hard truth you need to know about Search engine marketing

Every business knows and understands the importance of integrating digital marketing into its marketing efforts. In digital marketing there are different type of strategy needs to be implemented like Social media marketing, Social media management, e-mail marketing,  and Search engine marketing.

In this blog, you can learn 8 things about search engine marketing before jumping into it. Without understanding these 8 things you may get deceived in your way of digital marketing.

Please read this blog fully.

What you will learn from this blog:

1. What is Search Engine Marketing?

2. What is SEO?

3. Comparison between SEM versus SEO?

4. Types of Search Engines

5. Why Search Engine Marketing?

6. How to do Search Engine Marketing?

7. Pros of Search Engine Marketing

8. How to create a Search Engine Marketing strategy for your business?

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is simply called SEM. This is a type of marketing in the digital medium.

Now a day’s most of the purchases of consumers are initiated after a search on the internet. The dominance of search engines for consumer purchase behavior is high. So if you are a business owner who tends to implement digital marketing without a search engine marketing strategy you are unable to bring leads or traffic to your websites or an e-commerce store.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is simply known as SEO. This is one of the technics in digital marketing to bring high organic traffic to your website by providing valuable and useful content to your searcher. This is a marathon-type traffic generation method. Will take min 3 to 6 months in bringing more organic (unpaid) traffic to your website, blogs, or e-commerce store.

This is the concept of the ocean to learn and master it. It is a time-consuming and strategic pillar of any digital marketing effort. If you have enough time and resources then business owners can implement to succeed in the SEO game. There are also some technics to implement in SEO to your strategy to get good enough traffic organically.7 steps to writing SEO optimized content.

Comparison SEM versus SEO:

> Paid traffic generation> Unpaid traffic generation
> Cost-based decision> Content-based decision
> Quick time game> Long-time game
> Cold leads> Warm leads
> Landing page speaks> Content speaks

Types of search engines

Types Of Search Engine Marketing

Most people know that Google is the most used search engine in the search engine market. Other than Google there are also Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Ask, Quora, Youtube, etc.

But Google dominates the entire search engine in the keyword search and YouTube is one of the Google products which are mostly used for video searches.

Bing is a Microsoft product which was one of the most used after Google search engine, daily search volumes average for id Bing 4.5%, where Google dominates with 77% search volume share in the search engine competition.

Other than Google and Bing there are different search engines are available in the market in different niches. Every search engine has its unique way of business models and searches competitiveness.

As for keyword searches, Google is one of the best and most used search engines in the world. Google always updating its algorithm to improve its search results to provide valuable relevant content to the searches.

Why Searching Engine marketing

Why Search Engine Marketing

Searching Engine marketing is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic to your online business or website. This needs cost to be spent. It means not if you pay the higher cost, it can bring you unlimited traffic to generate revenue.

Ad words algorithm decides where to place your ad in the SERP based on certain metrics which I’ll explain in the next step.

But if you have a good business model and a great line of products or services to offer you can use these SEM technics to increase your sales and revenue.SEM will help you if you design your campaign in the right way to bring maximum CTR with the right combination of CTA.

 What do you mean by the right combination to do Search engine marketing? That what we are going to learn next.

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How to do SEM?

Search Engine Marketing

Google Ad words are one of the best products of Google. As per CNBC

 Google generates USD 140 Billion revenue which is 80% of the alphabets revenue. Google is the market leader in the online advertising business with their UN paralleled innovations of products.

To do Search engine marketing you should understand the AdWords account setup and how it works.

If you have a G-mail account for your personal or business email you can able to run Google ads for your brand or your business brand.

Before running ads ensure all the mandatory details like PAN, Address, billing details are filled and submitted.

If its business account then ensures separate business PAN and GSTIN is submitted for ad setup, else you find difficulties in running Google ads.

Ad word account should be structured in the below manner

1. Ad campaign

2. Ad groups

3. Keywords

4. Ad text

5. Landing page

These five are important parameters to measure the quality score of your ad. If you master how to define these five parameters then you can get quality leads that will take less effort to convert.

Here is the example of an ad for the keyword:  Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimised results – Non-paid or Organic result

When you set up an ad campaign you should define your CPC i.e. Cost per click. If your cost per click increases then your Search Engine Marketing budget may dampen your revenue if you won’t get quality leads from the campaign. The search engine will display your ads in the appropriate places of the web and Google partner’s network based on the bid cost that you set for the potential keyword for your business or your searchers.

Higher bidding costs bring higher visibility to the SERP TOP page but that’s not the only criteria. Once your ads are started running if your parameters are not good enough to solve the user intent then your SERP results get decorated.

There is one more parameter is there you can reduce your CPC by maintaining your account quality score better. This will be decided by the Google algorithm based on the CTR. If your ad parameters are not good enough to get good CTR then Google itself reduces your quality score where your CPC will increase over time.

E-A-T is used to rate your account quality score.

E- Expertise

A- Authoritativeness


If you want to learn and understand the Quality score

Pros of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Save time:

If you do Search Engine Marketing then you can lots of time instead SEO takes a higher turnaround time to bring high traffic to your web pages. If you have a good budget then implementing SEM is fair play.

Expand your online reach:

Reach of your brand will be at a higher rate since you are biding good price against your competitors. Google makes you reach more if you targeted the right keywords with the right bid strategy.

Fast lead generation:

This will help you generate faster leads so that you start seeing your ROI if you designed your ad campaigns and offers with the right combination to click your ads.

Once you get leads then converting is easy if you have the right value proportion to your products

How to create an SEM strategy for your business?

Define your business objectives. Objectives are nothing but what you want to act from your business. Set a timeline to achieve that. Once your objectives and timeline are clear then you decide your budget.


The budget should be good enough to achieve your objectives. If you set a low budget and look for high returns then you may end up in frustration. To assess your business objectives and set realistic targets for budget and ROI.

Without budget if you start your SEM then it’s like without the target finish line you are running in a race.

Keyword research:

Do your competitor’s keyword research and target the right keywords in the campaign. Your budget should be good enough to compete with your rivals. Well researched keywords always bring good CPC.

Landing page:

Your landing should speak to your prospects in a natural way. It should not feel like selling. So sure enough time spent for you landing page designing with right offer combination. Landing page designing is an art that enables clicks to your ads.

Based on your budget Google only brings your link in TOP, it’s your possibility to have an intimidating headline to click.

Iterate until achieving perfection:

Do not wait for a perfect copy and do not waste your time. Always start your ads with a good copy and keep on working on improving the ad copy and your offers till your ROI surpasses your investment. Perfection never happens in the first instance. SO KEEP WORKING


Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to bring more traffic in quick time for your web pages with the right combination of offers and ad copy.

I would suggest if you have enough budget and time do spend and test it yourself before investing big. If you do not have time then approach the experts like a digital marketing agency who have enough resources and experience to scale up your business in the SEM game.

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